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How to use your Android mobile as a Speaker

Android as speakers

Freinds today I’m going to show you how to use your android mobile as a speaker. If you don’t have a speaker this will be as an alternative to your sound system. The process is very simple and easy if you follow step by step. This trick is useful for who is not having the speaker, speaker repair or no sound system. For this trick, you need an Android phone or an iPhone.

Requirements for this process

  1. An Android Phone or iPhone
  2. A free App from Playstore = Soundwire
  3. Follow my steps

Use your Android phone as a speaker over Wi-Fi

Step 1:

Soundwire App

Install a free software from Playstore “Soundwire“. Soundwire is a free software that lets you stream music from your computer/pc to your Android phone. It works as a remote speaker or wireless headphones. A remote augmentation of live sound from your PC-based music framework. Soundwire is a wireless extension audio from your computer-based music system

Step 2:

Download and install Soundwire Server software for PC from their official website This software is available only for Windows and Linux. This software is not available for MAC.

Step 3:

Connect your Android phone to Wi-Fi. The same Wi-Fi you connected to your PC.

Step 4:

Open the Soundwire app and click once on the Autolocate button.

Soundwire Free version

Step 5:

Coming to general settings of Soundwire server pc software, Here the Input should be selected as “Default media device”. Then select the audio output volume to increase and decrease the sound. If you are using Soundwire server on Linux. Then you should follow the instructions given in README file.

Soundwire server sttings

Step 6:

Android as mic connected

Final steps to run the Soundwire app and Soundwire server on same Wi-Fi network, then they should connect automatically.

Step 7:

Finally, start playing the music that you want to hear on your android speakers. You can also use Soundwire as a wireless speaker.

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Use your Android phone as a speaker using USB

Step 1:

Your Android phone should be connected to your PC.

Step 2:

Turn on USB tethering by going to network settings on your Android phone.

Step 3:

Let Soundwire server on your computer allow private and public server to access the server.

Step 4:

Inside the Soundwire Android app manually enter the server address.

Step 5:

Hit on the start button inside the Soundwire Android app and use your Android mobile as a speaker. Here the server address is different as we used in the above Wi-Fi method.

Overall the Soundwire app works perfectly as a replacement to your speaker. There are two versions of the Soundwire app. The two types of Soundwire app are Free and Pro. The pro version of the Soundwire app is priced at Rs 260 ($5). However, the free version is fine if you are just a normal user and a consistent user. The quality of sound in Soundwire Free and Soundwire Pro is almost same. The only difference no ads on Pro version and ads on Free version.

The free version is completely fine as a replacement for your speakers. Soundwire app is also a good replacement if you are not having speakers.

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