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How to use your Android phone as MIC

In order to record or do voice chat, you need a good microphone. But, every computer doesn’t come with a good built-in microphone. If you are not having a good microphone (or) not having a microphone. It is time to put your Android phone into work. Android phone can be used as an external MIC voice recording and voice chatting.

Android is a fully smart device that has a lot of features that reduces the small works of a Human. Here in this post, you will learn How Android device can be used as a system microphone.

However, you can purchase a cheap microphone on Amazon for around Rs 300. But those MIC’s do not work properly. So, the best alternative is to use your Android phones as an external MIC.


The steps to be followed to use an Android phone as a computer are very simple. If you have any trouble following the guide then you can comment in the comment section to clear your troubles.

In this guide we will be using only free software paid ones are not recommended. Wo-Mic software will be used in this guide. You can download Wo-Mic from google play store. There are two versions of the Wo-mic app. One is the free version and another one is paid version. The free version is completely fine for normal use. Even for professional use, it is fine.


Wo-Mic is an app that converts your Android phone into a Microphone by connecting to a server. It is helpful when you are not having a mic or your mic is broken or not working properly. The only difference in the free and paid version of Wo-Mic is paid version comes with volume settings whereas free version does not come with volume settings.

Step 1:

Get WO-MIC client software from their official website. It works on both Windows and Mac-Os. After downloading the software install the client software on your Pc. To make Wo-Client software run on your Pc you need to get the latest drivers of Wo-Client. Drivers for Wo-Client can be found on their official website. Get the latest drivers and install on your Pc to run Wo-Client.

Wo website


Step 2:

Get the latest version of the Wo-Mic app from google play store. After downloading the app install it.

Step 3:

Now open the downloaded app on your Android phone. The best way to connect Wo-mic app is through Wi-Fi. So, go to settings and in Transport options select as Wi-Fi.

Step 4:

Go to settings, there you will find an option called “Audio Source”, In that select the options as the MIC.

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Step 5:

Now close Wo-Mic app and open (reopen), then click on start button inside the app.

Wo-Mic Start

Step 6:

wo mic

Open the installed WO-CLIENT software on your computer. Click on connect option on the top, then select the transport. Select as Wi-Fi in transport option as Wi-fi is preferred in above statement. Enter the Wi-Fi address shown in the  Wo-Mic app. Then clock on ok button. Here you are done, Wo-mic and Woclientt are connected to each other that means new microphone is installed on your computer.

So this is the best solution if you are not having a microphone or your microphone is not working. Please try Wo-mic app before purchasing any cheap Mic’s online. Wo-mic would definitely satisfy you.

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