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New features in WhatsApp, now in the hands of group admin will be “Complete control”


WhatsApp is a free messaging Platform. It is a VOIP (voice over IP) service owned by Facebook. WhatsApp application allows us to send text messages and voice calls. As well as allows us to do video calls, send images and other media like documents, music files, and other media files. You can also share your location on WhatsApp using the button share your location. By pressing the share your location button you will be shared with your location exactly.

WhatsApp application runs on the mobile device and it is available on Google Play Store. You can also run WhatsApp on site going to the official website of WhatsApp WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by “Brian acton” and “Jan koum” who were both former employees of Yahoo.

WhatsApp is the most downloaded app on Google Play store and as well as on Appstore. It has more than one billion downloads on Google Play store which is ranked as 2nd in communication apps.

Whatsapp allows us to create groups and send messages, share videos and media on the groups. WhatsApp has brought some new rules and manage that groups in WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Groups Admin New Changes

Admin Changes

WhatsApp has released its new features on Tuesday. WhatsApp’s new group features claiming more convenience than ever before. These new features are available to both Android as well as iPhone users. These new features update includes group descriptions, new controls to WhatsApp administration having more control than before. These features are available in the new update of WhatsApp that is available both on Android as well as IOS update. Their features are now to have more privacy.

In this new feature update of WhatsApp description can be added to groups to add Do’s and Dont’s. This group discussion can be considered as an about us as we see on Facebook groups where we can write instructions and what you can post on this groups and some description about the topic that is related to the group.

The description can be added by admin and the participants of the group only if the admin allowed. The admin has the right to reject the participant to give a description. Here Admin adds a new group, control, include group admin and subject anyone in the group, list to change the icon and description of the group. Admin of the group can accept are allowed or disallowed him from being an Admin of the group or participant of the group. WhatsApp users can search the participants in the group this is another new feature of WhatsApp groups.

So what do you think of the new WhatsApp updates let us know from the comment section.

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