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Top Free Video Editing Software for Android

Video editing softwares

A video editing software is a software that is programmed to handle the post-production of a video. These days video editing is must even for a small video. But everyone cannot sit before a professional software and work for hours even for a small video. Most Importantly no has the time to edit a small video also. You can edit videos online by buying but they charge huge money for a small clip editing. You don’t need that kind of editing for birthday or wedding or family videos. You are not making any money out of that video or not marketing any product.

So, to edit small videos and do some animation video we have listed out some easy video editing software for Android mobile. Below listed video editing software is very easy to edit and do some simple editing to your videos. Here are some mobile apps that make it easier editing of a video. So we can edit a simple or professional video on our mobile itself.

List of Video editing software for Android mobile

The listed below video editing software works to beginner level to professional level. So even if you are a beginner or a professional you can edit videos easily. There is no difference in the quality of the output that is produced after editing of a video. let’s dive into the list.


PowerDirector is one of the simple and best and efficient video editing software available for pc, mac, and Android. PowerDirector is the most rated Video editing software on Google Play store for Android. PowerDirector video editing software for Android comes with powerful video editing timeline, slow-motion effects, h.264 output quality, reversing a video, editing the background by using greenscreen and many more. There are also some options for quick editing of your video. PowerDirector video editing software is the most used software to quickly edit videos and publishes on youtube. Popular viral, comedy etc kind of videos are edited with PowerDirector easily.


FilmoraGo is a free video editing software that is available on all Android devices. This video editing software comes with powerful video editing tools and easy navigation of options to edit easily. FilmoraGo offers in-app purchases to upgrade your FilmoraGo video editing software. The best FilmoraGo video software is that the free version FilmoraGo software does not stamp any watermark on output video. This is one of best of FilmoraGo that all love.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is official video editing software that is available on all Android devices created by Adobe. It is Adobe’s official video editing software available on Google Play store. Adobe Premiere Clip offers powerful video editing, Automatic video creation, Beautiful background sounds by adding great sound effects, look of Adobe Premiere Clip is awesome, photo motion effects, easy to share on social media platforms and many more. This Adobe’s official Adobe Premiere Clip is powered by CREATIVESYNC.


VivaVideo is best video editing software available on Android play store. It is the most downloaded video editing software on Play sore and most rated video editing app. There are two versions of this VivaVideo. One is the free version and another is the pro version of VivaVideo. VivaVideo is the most downloaded video editing app in India. It is used by a lot of YouTubers in India. This video editing offers easy and powerful video editing experience. The free version and Pro version of VivaVideo are great. Easy to Import clips and edit your videos easily with quick video editing experience. VivaVideo is the most used app in video editing for short videos. Videos like Comedy videos, Viral news, Viral clips, Buzz videos, music videos, WhatsApp status videos etc are created and edited with VivaVideo.


KineMaster is the best video editing software that is number of times that VivaVideo. KineMaster is downloaded more than 10 million times on play store. It is Editors choice video editing software on play store. KineMaster offers quick video editing options to quickly edit your short videos. There are lot features like video cutting, video trimming, video slow motion, blur and other effects, real-time audio and video recording, voice changer options, presentation effects, A lot of import and export options, directly publish videos to youtube and many more. KineMaster is number one video editing software for all Android devices.

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