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New Watch Ads and Earn Money In India 2018

Watch ads and earn paytm cash

Watch Ads and Earn Money In India: Making money online is increasing every day. Online money making is simple as well as tough based on available methods out there. There are some simple ways to make good monthly earnings. You can watch ads and earn good money with apps every month. This post will guide on how to watch ads and earn money app India.

What is Earn Money By Watching Ads In India?

Earn money by watching ads on the mobile phone or on the website. You can earn anywhere from $1- $5 every day based on your location. Below is the list of best apps to make money by watching Ads and Videos. The below listed apps provide a complete guide on watch ads and earn money in india.

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List Of Apps and Websites To Earn Money By Watching Ads In India 2018


Applike - Watch and earn paytm cash

AppLike is a simple and totally free app to make money by watching ads. You can earn by playing games and watching ads on it. There are many ways to withdraw your earnings from AppLike. You can withdraw the rewards to PayPal credit, gift cards for Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and Google Play store. Applike app is like watch ads and earn money app in India.

How to make money with AppLike?

You can earn my downloading and Installing games. You need to install the game from the app and use it for 5 minutes you will get your rewards. There are some apps that pay you for downloading and opening the app daily. You will mCoins coins then you need to convert them to cash. This app will help you earn money by watching ads in India.

Money Bhai – Instacash

money Bhai – Instacash

You can start earning money with instant cash easily by watching ads with no referring needed. It is great to earn some extra money as you don’t need to request your friends to join through my referral code.

How to make money with Money Bhai – Instacash?

You can just download the app and Join by referral code and start by clicking on ads. There are some unlimited tricks which will tell that you can make $100 every day which doesn’t work and led to your account ban. You can also refer friends for extra money.

Genie Rewards, Free Recharge

genie rewards - earn paytm cash by watching ads

Just download Genie rewards and Register by entering your mobile number. Once you have registered on Genie Rewards then simply earn by downloading apps and watching ads. You will get reward point for each task you completed. You can convert reward points to Cash or Mobile Recharge or pay DTH Bills.

AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards


AppKarma is another app that gives you rewards points for doing tasks and later converts those rewards into cash. There is a new feature called KarmaPlay means It lets you earn daily rewards for playing with the apps you’ve installed through AppKarma. You can also refer friends to earn extra monthly recurring commission from your friends.



There is no app for this GrabPoints. You need to visit their website and Register with your email to start earning through grab points. It is also on the best rated make money online apps. You need to register and start earning instantly. The rewards will be in points, you need to convert those points into cash or your favorite gift card.



Slidejoy is the best money making app online. You just don’t need to do anything special just install and keep it you will earning money. So how you will be earning money with Slidejoy?

Slidejoy is a lock screen app. When you open your phone you will stories on your lock screen once you click on that you will generating some coins. You need to wait till evening 7 pm your coins will be credited. Click on stories all the time just here and there is enough. Convert your earned points to Paypal or Google play gift card. Minimum cashout is $1. You can also refer friends to earn more, more friends are equal to more earnings.

Use the below Download button to get an offer on sign up.


The above-listed apps can make you anywhere from $80 to $100 every month if you are living in India. Watch ads and earn money app India Other countries like the USA, UK, CANADA can make more. App earn money watching ads. Slidejoy alone can give you $20 a month if you use it regularly.

If you want more earnings means you need to get at least 10 active referrals which you can ask your friends to become your referral by telling how can they make money with those apps.

Friends if you have any please comment in the comment for the fast answer. If you like this post please don’t forget to share because sharing is caring. Hope you like the guide on watch ads and earn money in India for free.

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